Sacred Womb Therapy



The Yoni is the seat of a woman's soul. It is the gatekeeper of the Divine Feminine Energy, a source of energy that exudes unconditional love for self and others when properly aligned. It is the sacred palace from which not only life is created, but also the energy center from which a woman is able to birth creativity, vitality, sensuality, manifestation, and more. It is the bridge between the Spirit and Earth realms.

Below I’ve listed the womb care modalities that I offer of which all together works synergistically to provide safe and proper Sacred Womb Therapy. These modalities were created specifically for us women to use as tools to assist us with the healing and understanding of our sacred womb space both physically and spiritually, so that we may function optimally, thrive, continue to grow, and evolve the way that the Divine intended us to do so. I carefully customize each therapy based on your history and needs.


Yoni Steaming

Yoni is the Sanskrit term that is used to describe the vagina/womb and when translated means, "sacred space" and in Hebrew when translated means, “gift of God”. Yoni Steaming (vaginal steaming) has been used historically for thousands of years across the globe especially by the indigenous peoples, to cleanse and treat the female reproductive cavity both physically & spiritually by activating and supporting the body’s own healing mechanism via steam. It is a noninvasive all natural herbal hydrotherapy treatment that consists of a powerful yet gentle herb-infused steam that may help with; postpartum care, tightening, PCOS, fibroids, pain, stress relief, endometriosis, PMS/PMDD, menopause, yeast infections, infertility, releasing emotional/energetic blockages, irregular cycles and more.

 Yoni Steaming regularly can result in a much happier and healthier menstrual cycle and a better sense of well-being. Prior to booking any steam sessions you must first complete a Sacred Womb Therapy Consultation (see “services and rates” section for details).​​