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I created Temple ILLUMINAGÉ  to provide women with clean, safe, and quality integrative beauty & wellness services. A sacred conscious space that they can all trust coming to for rest & healing, personal growth & maintenance, and for celebrations of all kinds.

I am an independent practitioner who integrates ancient wisdom into modern practices. I specialize in Clinical Skincare, Holistic Nutrition, Women's Health, Detox, and Energy Healing. I holistically guide women through overall womanhood (Maiden + Mother + Crone) teaching them how to remember and embrace their divine authentic self, how to become their own healers, and how to properly care for themselves and their families as a whole inside & out, Mind + Body + Spirit. That way they may become the best version of themselves and go on to live an optimal life, a life free from extreme or constant ugliness, pain, struggle, and/or "dis-ease". 

I want to see women lead like the Queens that they were born to be and that all begins by learning how to live a clean, loving, and healthy lifestyle all the while looking fabulous. A healthy, unselfish, loving, and nontoxic lifestyle is indeed what TRUE glamor is all about and what a truly empowered lifestyle looks like !


"True beauty starts on the inside." -Unknown


"Heal a mother and you heal an entire family." -Unknown


"Every woman who heals herself helps to heal all the women who came before her and all those who came after her." -Unkown